Here are just a few of my broad range of interests. I don't quite know what to say about all of them but over time I'll try to get a few details down about each. For now this page is just a teaser!

  • Teaching and Learning Two of the primary joys in my life - more soon here about my academic career, teaching and learning experiences, some of the writing I've been doing, my teaching at West Point Grey Academy, St. Patrick's Regional Secondary and at UBC, etc.

  • Outdoor Recreation I love hiking, mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, etc. More info soon!

  • Aikido & Aikijujitsu More about these effective modern defensive martial arts soon! Here's a good link to get you started:

  • Computer Hardware and Application Design  I have been doing computer hardware consulting for many years now and also really enjoy building practical computer-based software tools. More soon in this section about my background in computer consulting and some of the interesting projects I've done in this area.

  •  High Performance Vacuum Tube Audio I really enjoy designing and building vintage-style high-performance vacuum tube audio equipment. I'll put some links and photos here of some of my completed projects.

  • Guitar and Mandolin I'm a struggling guitar and mandolin player who wishes he had more time to practice! I'll put some more detail here about all of that as soon as I get time! Just to add a bit of colour and life to this page, here's the mandolin my mandolin wishes it was... the 1922 to 1924 Lloyd Loar Gibson F5. And here's also a few of the great mandolinists who play these instruments: